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There are some rumors that Kenwood is coming out with its own D-Star radio. From the sounds of it, it may be a somewhat collaborative effort. It may come in the package of a relabeled ICOM ID-800.

Icom's Digital DStar site

A few ICOM ID-1 reviews

An informative website on interfacing the ID-1 radios.

TH-D7a Specifications:

  • 144/430 MHz operation
  • 5.5 WATTS @ 13.6 Volts
  • Built-in 1200/9600 baud TNC
  • Built-in APRS(TM) operating software
  • Dual RX on the same band for voice and data(VHF only)
  • Large 12 digit x 3 line dot matrix display
  • 200 memory channels w/ 8 character display
  • PC Programmable for frequency and Name
  • 16 backlit keys
  • Built-in CTCSS enc/dec
  • MIL-SPEC 810C/D/E
  • 10 chan.DTMF auto-patch memories
  • HF Skycommand oper.
  • Monitor DX Clusters
  • TM-V7A & TM-742AD DTMF Remote Control
  • VC-H1 Visual Com. advanced contrl operation
  • Uses same accessories as the TH-G71A
OLD!! Icom showed off it's new multimedia radio at the 2003 Hamvention in Dayton.Steve Bible had a chance to play around with the data radio They sport a 1.2 GHz spread spectrum data tranceiver radio with 4 to 8 kb/s digital voice channel, analog voice, and digital..(you name it) at a whopping 128 kb/s. This does video, ftp, ip .... just about anything a techie can imagine. The radio is controled by either it's included front end control panel, or computer via USB connection. The data is sent/recieved to device by ethernet connection. I say device because the radio can be connected to just about anything that is associated with a IP address. Steve sucessfully connected it to a wireless access port, and thinks it could be connected to one of the ethernet video cameras now available from dlink and linksys. This radio opens up a whole new world of what you can do with amateur radio! Right now it is advertised in AES for $$$$1,350. Not cheap! But for all it does, it is contained in a very small package.

Bad cell phone recording of Steve Bible (N7HPR) describing the Icom DStar ID-1 radio at Hamvention 5/16/2003

Icom ID-1 manual

TH-D7a News

TH-D7a Links

Description - Highlights

A $20-40 12 channel NMEA output GPS


APRS tech overview and links

SearchSearch this site!


PIC-E aprs programable encoder - Preassembled for sale $44.95. Email me if interested.

Great new WAP cell phone APRS app WapAprs


Displays other stations position and info. Great for radios that aren't as good as the TH-D7's

Other Hobbies - Aerial phtotos from my remote control electric glider

Joe & Jacks complete GPS site

GPS info, reviews etc. Great site!

Control THD7 via PC!

Carolina Foothills D7 APRS

Sponsored Celebrity Section
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TM-D700 Mods Software Info

Bob* Bruninga's APRS Site

Lots of info on APRS & satellite work with D7G or D700


NŘQBF's Pocket APRS Site

Pocket APRS for Palm devices

Connect GPS guide

PC commands for new TM-D700

Control Commands and more

HPC-Packet & WinCE

new TH-D7 Forum

A forum for TH-D7 users

Pic based tracker & code!

Kenwood Site

Kenwood's amateur radio site

N6SPB's javAPRS & ham radio site

Join the APRS HT Spec. Interest Group

Best resource on the net. Join in and get the latest news and gossip on HT-APRS

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