Celebrity Alphabetic List - Male Celebrities - A

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Aaron Norris

Abbott And Costello


Adam Clayton

Adam Faith

Adam Frost

Adam Garcia

Adam Rickett

Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Young

Aga Muhlach

Aidan Gillen

Aiden Quinn

Aiden Gillen

Aiden Shaw

Aj Hammer

A. J. Mclean

Akshay Kumar

Alan Cummings

Alan Hayes

Alan Shearer

Alberto Tomba

Alec Guinness

Alec Newman

Aleksei Nemov

Alessandro Gassman

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Godunov

Alexander Lutz

Alexander Mazza

Alexander Popov

Alex Corretja

Alex Dimitriades

Alexei Sayle

Alexis Arquette

Alexis Denisof

Alex Lundquist

Alex Lundqvist

Alex Rocco

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Ross

Alex Winter

Alex Wright

Alfred Hitchcock

Alice In Chains

Alistair Mackenzie

Allan Hale

Allen Ginsberg

Al Roker

Al Santos

Anderson Ballesteros

Andre Agassi

Andreas Arnstedt

Andreas Wisniewski

Andre Braugher

Andre Gregory

Andres Garcia

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Hill

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Mccarthy

Andrew Mcfarlane

Andrew Prine

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Shue

Andrew Smith

Andrew Stevens

Andrew Walker

Andy Bathgate

Andy Dick

Andy Garcia

Andy Gibb

Andy Griffith

Andy Summers

Andy Warhol

Angus Fraser

Angus Macfadyen

Angus Young

Anil Kapoor

Anson Mount

Anthony Addabbo

Anthony Andrews

Anthony Clark

Anthony Dawson

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Guidera

Anthony Higgins

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony John Denison

Anthony Jones

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Lapaglia

Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Perkins

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Rapp

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Starke

Anthony Stewart

Anthony Zerbe

Ant Mcpartlin

Antoine De Caunes

Antonie Kamerling

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Fagundes

Antonio Gades

Antonio Sabato Jr

Antonio White Guzman

Arie Verveen

Armande Assante

Armin Shimerman

Arnaud Clement

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Vosloo

Aron Eisenberg

Art Carney

Art Metrano

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