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Jack Coleman

Jack Davenport

Jack Dempsey

Jack Haley

Jackie Chan

Jackie Coogan

Jackie Gleason

Jack Kehler

Jack Lalanne

Jack Lemmon

Jack Lord

Jack Mulcahy

Jack Nicholson

Jack Noseworthy

Jack Palance

Jack Plotnick

Jack Scalia

Jack Slater

Jack Thompson

Jack Wagner

Jack Wrangler

Jaime Moreno

Jaime P. Gomez

Jake Billingsley

Jake Busey

Jake Lloyd

Jake Thomas

James Quarter

James Belushi

James Best

James Brolin

James Brolly

James Caan

James Cagney

James Cameron

James Carlton

James Coburn

James Cromwell

James Darren

James Dean

James Doohan

James Duval

James Earl Jones

James Eckhouse

James Fox

James Frain

James Franco

James Gandolfini

James Garner

James Hewitt

James Le Gros

James Marsden

James Marshall

James Marsters

James Purefoy

James Read

James Redmond

James Remar

James Russo

James Sloyan

James Spader

James Van Der Beek

James Wilby

James Wilder

James Woods

Jamey Sheridan

Jamie Bell

Jamie Elman

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Harrold

Jamie Kennedy


Jan Michael Vincent

Jansen Spencer

Jaques Prevert

Jared Leto

Jarod Emick

Jason Alexander

Jason Beghe

Jason Behr

Jason Biggs

Jason Brooks

Jason Connery

Jason Cook

Jason Danny Roberts

Jason Donovan

Jason Durr

Jason Fedele

Jason Flemyng

Jason Gedrick

Jason Isaacs

Jason Lee

Jason London

Jason Mewes

Jason Orange

Jason Patric

Jason Priestley

Jason Robards

Jason Roberts

Jason Scott Lee

Jason Sehorn

Jason Shaw

Jason Statham

Jason Wiles

Jason Williams

Jason Winer

Javier Bardem

Jay Acovone

Jaye Davidson

Jay Ferguson

Jay Hernandez

Jay Huguley

Jay Leno

Jay Mohr

Jay Underwood

J C Chasez

J D Roth

J.D. Williams

Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Galfione

Jean Hugues Anglade

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean Reno

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Conger

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Gillooly

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Griggs

Jeffrey Donovan

Jeffrey Tambor

Jeff Speakman

Jeff Stryker

Jeff Timmons

Jello Biafra

Jensen Ackles

Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Garrett

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Lelliott

Jeremy London

Jeremy Markum

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Stockwell

Jeroen Krabbe

Jerry Lewis

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry Orbach

Jerry Rice

Jerry Springer

Jerry Stiller

Jesse Birsall

Jesse Bradford

Jesse Metcalfe

Jet Li

Jim Brown

Jim Carrey

Jim Morrison

Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Mcnichol

Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Stewart

J.K. Simmons

J Michael Moncrief

Joaquin Phoenix

Joe Dallesandro

Joe Lando

Joel Gretsch

Joel West

Joe Pantoliano

Joe Pesci

Joe Scheibelhut

Joey Bishop

Joey Lawrence

Joey Mcintyre

Johan Soudanne

John Allen Nelson

John Astin

John Barrowman

John Belushi

John Candy

John Cazale

John Cleese

John Corvello

John Cusack

John Enos

John-Eric Hexum

John F Kennedy Jr

John Goodman

John Hargreaves

John Leguizamo

John Lithgow

John Lynch

John Mahoney

John Malkovich

John Matuszak

John Mcdaniel

John Mcenroe

John Mills

Johnny Crawford

Johnny Depp

Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Lang

John O Banion

John Paul Pitoc

John Phillip Law

John Ratzenberger

John Savage

John Schneider

John Stamos

John Stockwell

John Travolta

John Wayne

John Wesley Shipp

Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan La Paglia

Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Jonathan Segal

Jonathan Silverman

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathon Schaech

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Davis

Jon Dough

Jon Favreau

Jon Lee

Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Moseley

Jon Patrick Walker

Jon Seda

Jon Tenney

Jon Voight

Jordan Brower

Jordan Knight

Jordi Molla

Jorge Perugorria

Jorge Rivero

Joseph Bottoms

Joseph Cali

Joseph Fiennes

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Wiseman

Josh Barker

Josh Charles

Josh Duhamel

Josh Hartnett

Josh Lucas

Josh Todd

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Morrow


Juan Diego Botto

Juan Fernandez

Juan Luis Gallardo

Judd Dunning

Judd Hirsch

Judd Nelson

Jude Law

Judge Reinhold

Judson Mills

Julian Glover

Julian Mcmahon

Julian Sands

Julien Hedqvist

Julio Bocca

Julio Iglesias Jr

Julius Harris

Justin Lazard

Justin Timberlake

Justin Whalin

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