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Sagamore Stevenin

Sal Mineo

Salvador Dali

Sam Bottoms

Sam Elliott

Sam Farrar

Sami Bouajila

Sam Jones

Sam J Jones

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

Sammy Sosa

Sam Neill

Sam Robards

Sam Rockwell

Sam Shepard

Sam Trammell

Samuel Ball

Samuele Bersani

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel West

Sandy Winton

Santiago Douglas

Santiago Magill

Sasha Mitchell

Savage Garden

S Club 7

Scott Baio

Scott Bairstow

Scott Bakula

Scott Caan

Scott Carson

Scott Foley

Scott Glenn

Scottie Pippen

Scott Lowell

Scott Madsen

Scott Miller

Scott Neal

Scott Plank

Scott Reeves

Scott Speedman

Scott Stapp

Scott Thompson

Scott Valentine

Scott Vickaryous

Scott Weiland

Scott William Winters

Scott Wolf

Sean Astin

Sean Bean

Sean Connery

Sean Hayes

Sean Kanan

Sean Maguire

Sean Maher

Seann William Scott

Sean Palmer

Sean Patrick Flanery

Sean Patrick Thomas

Sean Penn

Sean Rector

Sean Tweedley

Sean Whitesell

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Lacause

Sebastian Spence

Seize The Day

Sergi Lopez

Seth Green

Seventh Avenue

Shane Crawford

Shane Heal

Shane Mcdermott

Shane West

Shaobo Qin

Shaquille O Neal

Shaun Cassidy

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Phillips

Shawn Wayans

Shea Farrell

Shemar Moore

Shep Messing

Siddig El Fadil

Silas Gaither

Simon Baker-Denny

Simon Bossell

Simon Burke

Simon Callow

Simone Inzaghi

Simon Kerle

Simon Le Bon

Simon Rex


Skeet Ulrich

Skip O'Brien

Skunk Anansie


Sonny Landham

Sorrell Brooke

Soul Decision

Spalding Gray

Spencer Rochfort

Spencer Tracy

Spike Lee

Stacy Keach

Stefano Accorsi

Stefano Dionisi

Steffen Wink

Stellan Skarsgard

Stephane Rideau

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Collins

Stephen Dorff

Stephen Gately

Stephen Geoffreys

Stephen Lang

Stephen Mailer

Stephen Meadows

Stephen Pearcy

Stephen Tobolowsky

Steve Antin

Steve Bisley

Steve Bond

Steve Burton

Steve Buscemi

Steve Garvey

Steve Guttenberg

Steve Harris

Steve Jones

Steve Lyons

Steve Martin

Steve Mcqueen

Steven Brand

Sugar Ray

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